Friday, March 28, 2008

The past few days

On Wednesday, I called my best friend and asked nicely if she would be willing to come and help me with laundry. Bon has been trying to keep up with it, but when you get to a certain point, it just becomes overwhelming. We were way past that point. She came by and we folded clothes that had been washed and dried but not folded and I started actually putting them away. *gasp* If you know me at all...putting laundry away is the hardest part. I have no idea why, but I hate it. So it just sits. And sits. And sits. We worked on laundry all afternoon and into the evening. I don't know how many loads she has done. She came back yesterday to continue helping. I cleaned a little and another friend of mine (who is my best friend's sister-in-law) came over too, and she helped me clean too. It was so nice to have some cleanness around. Ryan stood on a stool in front of the kitchen sink and said "Why is the kitchen so clean?!" So thanks Anna! I'm still working on the last of the laundry today. I'd like to get it all put away and boxed away (things that are too small for the boys) so that maybe Bon will be a little less stressed when he comes home on Sunday.

And sometimes I think Ty might be my favorite. Seriously, this kid will eat anything I eat. Which is great to me, being in a house of somewhat picky eaters. I made some egg salad for lunch and he sat down beside me and shoveled it in faster than I was. All while saying "!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For my sister-in-law

Well, there isn't much cool news going on in this household and I don't think this will make you any less bored. :) If all my blog readers didn't know (you know, all you millions out there....) I'm pregnant and losing weight. I think I'm down 16 pounds. Of course, that's still 4 pounds left from the 20 I put on over the course of the late summer/fall. But at least I feel somewhat skinny now. I felt like yarfing all morning, but we desperately needed some groceries, so I loaded the kids and went to Sam's around lunchtime. They talked about tornadoes all the way to and back because it's so windy here and I made the mistake of telling them a storm was blowing in. Reagan is full of questions that I can't answer lately. "Who was the first people born on Earth?" Adam and Eve's kids, right? What were their names? "Does Heavenly Father make tornadoes?" I'm thinking of getting a whole bunch of documentaries about everything and watching them with her so she'll know answers to things. I'd have to watch them so that I would know the answers too.

Also, we are slowly trying to get our house ready for sale. It's a slow process because I feel like crap 90% of the time and it seems whatever I get clean, the kids destroy in a matter of minutes. Projects seem so overwhelming and demanding right now. Plus we have so much crap. I'm envious of people who don't have crap everywhere in their houses. (not literal crap, but just piles of papers and stuff) Bon cleaned up the outside of the house this weekend. He trimmed the shrubs and pulled the old flowers/plants from the flowerbeds and garden. It looks nice. Friday night we went to the church and played games with a few other couples. We (I) broke the news that we would be moving sometime. We will be sad leaving this ward. It's really the only one where we've made good friends.

Well...I don't think I have any more news. The kids say something each day that makes me laugh, but I usually can't remember it. Ty ate half of a hamburger from McDonalds last night. Bon took pictures so that in a year or two when he won't touch hamburger, we can show him that he did indeed like it.