Monday, November 02, 2015


That's just how I feel lately.  Unsettled.  We're living here, but not really.  It still feels weird to be here, since I feel like it's still Grandma's house.  99% of our belongings are here, but probably 2% are actually inside the house.  I believe myself to be such a hand's on, do it myself kind of person that it's really wearing on me to not feel like I can do anything without prior consent.

We had a breakthrough the other week where she blah blah'd at me for moving "her" stuff again.  Well...everything in here except for what we have brought in, is hers.  I'm not calling her to ask every time I need to move something around.  She's going to have to get over that.

And today while we were on the phone, instead of clamming up, I decided to speak my mind.  And the more I did, the more angrier and frustrated I became because she has an answer to everything! We didn't leave the conversation mad at each other, which is a step forward, but I was so angry and frustrated at her and myself (for caring so much I guess) that after we hung up I was shaking and cried a good bit.  It's those kind of conversations that can ruin a day.

In other news, the older kids got their grade cards.  All A's for Reagan, all A's and one B for Ryan and A's and B's for Ty.  He has really done well here.  I think it's the slower pace and the lack of feeling like you're only learning for the state testing that is making him enjoy school.

Bon is in Minnesota for the week.  He'll be home Friday and then Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Chicago.  He's going to set up a trade show and we're tagging along.  He'll then be in Chicago all week.

Our house is going on the market Thursday, I believe.  We've had some friends helping us wrap up the final touches and a contractor doing some of the remaining handyman stuff.  I really hope it sells fast.  It's a great neighborhood.  I miss it.

We still don't have any callings at church.  But we were asked to speak on the 22nd about thanksgiving with scriptural references and what it means to Latter-day Saints.  It's not just about delicious food, a parade, and a dog show?????  huh.  ;)