Friday, September 02, 2011

Oh you guys....

pretending to read my blog and bug me for updates.  Psh.  So nice of you.  ;) 

August went by in a rush.  We signed the boys up for fall sports.  Ryan is playing machine pitch baseball and Ty is playing soccer, with Bon being an assistant coach for his team. 

Ryan's practices are an hour and a half, which is great if I don't have the rest of the kids, because I sit in the car and read.  Bon came for a little while, to a scrimmage and said that I would be in charge of Ryan's practices.  He was bored after 10 minutes.  :)  Ryan still needs work with hustling and with hitting and throwing...and well...with the whole sport really.  lol  He is doing a great job though.  Tonight at practice he caught a pop fly in the most nonchalant way that all the adults there started laughing and clapped.  It almost looked like he was shocked he caught it too! 

I have only been to one of Ty's practices, but he looks like he's enjoying it.  He wears a serious face when he's playing.  I think he's biting the insides of his cheeks, so hopefully he won't bite through them if he gets knocked around. 

Reagan just had her first tumbling class yesterday.  She is taking tumbling at the same place she took dance last year.  She is excited to be learning new things and has been working on her cartwheels. 

Evan, sadly, is not in any sports.  The underwater basket weaving class had no more spots open.

School started on the 25th!!!  We had open houses on Monday and Tuesday to take in supplies and meet their teachers.  Reagan is in third grade, has the same teacher as last year and was excited to go back.  Ryan is in second grade, at Belmont Central with Reagan now, has a really nice teacher and has earned the privilege of "eating with a buddy" at the visitor's table because of good behavior.  Ty is in kindergarten!!!!  He has a really nice teacher also.  The first day he went was Friday, and it was just a half day for him.  Then he started full time on Tuesday.  It was bittersweet to see him go.  He really is my little sweetheart, reminds me a lot of myself.  But it's been oh so quiet with him gone.  aaahhhhhh.....  ;)  When I picked him up on his first day, I asked if he made any friends.  He responded with "of course!!!  That's how I meeted Hayden!" 

Bon has been traveling a bit for work lately.  He was in MN last week.  Was supposed to go to GA this week for a couple of days, but plans got changed, and instead he just has to work a little on Monday.  Next week he goes to VA for a day.  I know work really stresses him out.  But I appreciate all he does for us. 

I have been keeping busy trying to stay sane this summer.  I don't know how well I did.  I finished up the laundry pedestal and shelf.  Now to just get the things on it organized and not have it be another catch-all.  I painted the main bathroom upstairs, but I don't love it.  It's too orange.  I feel like I'm smooshed in a can of pumpkin, waiting to be plopped out and made into cookies.  lol  I will definetly repaint at some point.  I'm thinking about trying the board and batten thing....My next project is making a cat box cabinet.  Right now I just have a cover over it that lifts off to clean the cat box.  I have the supplies to start, just not the time. 

Bon and I are headed on a cruise (as long as we don't get another hurricane!!) starting the 10th of Sept.  We are both looking forward to time together.  His mom is coming to watch the kids.  I really hope they don't wear her out too bad.  They are excited to see her.  :)  I am hoping that maybe she'll want to organize my plasticware while I'm gone.  *hint hint* 

Well...tis all for now.