Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last two days of school part 2.

Ryan had his awards day on the last day of school. He was given the Mr. Goodbar award. It's funny because Reagan was given that award in Kindergarten. Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Taylor. She was super nice and loved Ryan to pieces. :)

I wanted to start a tradition for the first and last days of school. So I picked up my kids (plus a neighbor/friend, Christian) and we went through Wendy's drive thru for Frostys. It was a great treat for the hot last day of school!

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Last two days of school part 1.

Reagan was given two awards on her awards day for her class. The first award was titled "The Walking Encyclopedia". She was so thrilled to get that with a puzzle. The second was her award for AIG. (academically or intellectually gifted---basically a gifted program)

Reagan with her teacher, Miss Jenkins, who will be getting married in 2011, I do believe. :)

On the front steps. The last day of school!! A cupcake bag holding the gift for our great bus driver Miss Tracy! We didn't know it, but she was driving her last day! Now she does something else within the school. We miss our Miss Tracy!!!

The bus stop gang getting on bus #10!!
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Last day of school present

This is late, but I wanted to share what I came up with for end of the year gifts for my kids teachers. I got some of my idea from another blog, but then came up with the rest on my own. It's hard to read the writing, so this is what it says: "It's o"fish"al!! You have been an AWsome teacher! Now that it's break time and your life isn't revolving around school, I hope you have time to get sun-kissed! Thank you for being a "tote"ally great teacher and helping me become "note"iceably smarter!" And in case you can't tell what all was in the gift "tote", it contained A&W root beer, Sunkist, a note pad, a Kit Kat bar, a pack of Orbit gum and a package of Swedish fish. (although you could always use Goldfish crackers also.)

It was inexpensive and all the teachers said they loved it. I'm sure they are supposed to say that...even if it's something crappy that they hate. But I like to think that they thought it was unique. :)
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little downtime

Ahh....all the kids are in bed. Peace. Silence. All I hear is the football game Bon's watching in the other room, the hum of the baby monitor and my keys tapping on my laptop. Bliss.

Tomorrow Bon and I celebrate our 11th anniversary. We pondered last night about would we have changed anything that has gotten us to where we are and the answer was no. We are so happy together and our life together just gets better and better.

Happy anniversary babe.

Monday, September 06, 2010

a little update

Just a little bit about what is going on here....

The kids started back to school and so far are "bored". I think they are stuck in the first weeks where they test to find out what they do and don't know, so it's mostly review. Reagan is in AIG, which is the gifted program here. She's also in AR, which is advanced reading. Her reading level is pretty close to that of a 5th graders. I'm excited for her this year and I hope she'll do well.

Ryan was lonely for the first couple days of school during recess. He said he didn't have anyone to play with. He was also excited that he wasn't the shortest kid in his class either. I think that he will do well in first grade since he copies so much of what Reagan does.

Ty is still full force most days from sunrise to sunset. He is a crack up and says the funniest things.

Evan is 8 months today and I can't believe how time has flown. I want to freeze time and keep him little. I am feeling the heartache of him being our last baby. He is expressive and is starting to move around a little more. I bet within two weeks he'll be crawling.

Bon took this past week off of work and it was so nice to have him home. He was able to get Reagan from school and we went to the dentist and ran errands. I know he's not excited about going back to work, but it pays the bills.

I am dealing with life right now. I feel like I've been overwhelmed and consumed by emotions lately and so I've been working on that. Trying to get my life in a working, sensible order. I went to a new doctor on Thursday and she is testing my thyroid levels and is putting me on some medication to help with my depression and anxiety. There are some days where I say something to the kids and immediately regret it...wondering how I would feel if roles were reversed and I was being treated that way. I hope they will forget all the harshness they have gotten from me in their early lives.

I also got news that my grandma is going to be put on Hospice. I will talk more with my sister tomorrow, but "failure to thrive" was mentioned and that is never good. I had just commented to Bon that you can see such a decline from last year to this year. Knowing she has had a good life, it still doesn't make it easier.

So some positive things to reverse the sad...

I am planning on painting our walls very soon...
I painted our kitchen and made curtains to hang on the deck door/window. I will have to take pictures and post....
I have many sewing projects lined up. Bag, shopping cart cover, skirts...
Reagan started dance class last Monday...she was so cute!
We signed up Ryan for Tiger scouts. He's super excited because you get to camp and hike and make stuff.....
I am signing Ty up for a "mousersice" class. Basically tumbling. I hope he'll like it....