Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just thinking

I remember talking with my sister-in-law Shanel one time about how after having a baby, a woman kind of loses who they are and they have to re-define themselves. I was thinking about this again tonight as I was rocking my baby. It's so true how what we have defines us. I am a mother to grade schoolers, a preschooler and a baby. What I do and the roles I have are different now then they were just 2 years ago. And my life will change and be different each year, because of who I am...a mother.

And even though that is a scary thought...I'm okay with that. I will have to adjust and learn to go with the flow. Re-defining myself is just too overrated. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Well...isn't that interesting....

Usually after two months of no activity, my friend sends me a very short message that says something like..."it's been two months!" Well...she must be busy because I didn't get a reminder! :)

But I have been busy. May and June, so far, have been busy months. In May it started with end of school programs and picnics and June was class parties and teacher gifts and class award parties and the end of school. Now that school is out, it should be slowing down....or one would think. But I am probably busier! Now I have to make 4 lunches all at once instead of just two at a time. I have to plan around nap times and really consider if it is a good idea to take all of them to Sam's Club or Walmart or if I can just stay home. Sometimes I don't think I'm supposed to be a mom of 4. It's hard!! lol

But we have some fun things planned this summer. I hope they will have good memories! Next week we are headed to the beach. Then in July, I am headed up to Ohio. Then at some point, we will go visit Bon's brother, because we told the kids we would and by golly...they still bring it up. They want to swim in Alexandra's pool! lol

Last week I took Ty to Pre-K screening. I am not sure he'll be placed, but we will find out by the end of July. I am sad to think that he might be placed and be gone all day like a big boy. A part of me wishes that he will be home with me this last year before he really goes off to school.

Evan is growing so well. I still haven't started him on solids. I think I am going to start when he turns 6 months, in just a couple of weeks. He looks longingly at food...so I think he is ready. I'm just not ready! lol Ryan finally got a booster seat for his birthday, so I took the cover off his old carseat and today I bought some new material and padding and picked apart the old cover. I will use that as a pattern to make a new one. I looked online for new carseat covers and the cheapest I found was $67. My supplies cost me under $25. And I know I can sew it just fine. I am taking pictures as I go, just cause I want to feel cool. Like a true blogger. lol

Tomorrow I may take the kids to sign up for the summer reading program. And it's crack down time on their chore charts. Summertime does not equal playtime all the time like they think it does. ;)

Well, I should get to sleep. I will try not to neglect this blog so much. I need to put some pictures up, too. Soon, my faithful readers. Soon. *said in my best karate teacher voice*