Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just thinking

I remember talking with my sister-in-law Shanel one time about how after having a baby, a woman kind of loses who they are and they have to re-define themselves. I was thinking about this again tonight as I was rocking my baby. It's so true how what we have defines us. I am a mother to grade schoolers, a preschooler and a baby. What I do and the roles I have are different now then they were just 2 years ago. And my life will change and be different each year, because of who I am...a mother.

And even though that is a scary thought...I'm okay with that. I will have to adjust and learn to go with the flow. Re-defining myself is just too overrated. :)


Shanel said...

Being a Mother is one of my greatest accomplishments. It may be challenging now but so worth it :) I have plenty of time after my kids are out of the house to "do my own thing". My kids need me especially in the world we live in now.

You are a great Mom and your family is lucky to have you!

Sue said...

I agree with Shanel. You are a great Mom!
(How fun...another post!)