Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is it Thursday yet?

I go in to have an ultrasound on Thursday to find out the gender of our babe. Oh and to make sure it's healthy and all that. I'm very excited. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to lay on a table and watch a little tv and see inside their body?? If my husband had that opportunity, I'm sure he'd jump on it. I did make the mistake one time of asking what that "big white spot" was and when she told me, frankly, I felt a little embarrassed that anyone had to see that. But back to baby-watching. I think it's so amazing and thrilling to see a baby on an ultrasound. I wish that there were at-home ultrasound machines. They have dopplars that can be rented or purchased...why not make the u/s machines available for all? Instead of wondering or reading about how big this baby may be, I want to see it each Instead of being hooked on Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, I'd be hooked on baby-watching.

Anyone who has known me for over a year, knows the horror of house remodeling that we've been going through. My dad has been coming to help for the past 3 weekends. We have to do a bit more mudding and then we can finish painting and start (and finish) some decision making on cabinets and flooring. My dad told us that the first weekend he came, we looked "lost". Uh, good word. He then said he felt sorry for us. lol Yeah, we are a bit pathetic... But soon, soon this will all be behind us and we will say "remember when..." and smile at the memories of how badly we wanted to torch this place....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh and anyone....

I live in EST, but cannot for the life of me figure out which time zone thingy I'm to pick on their list. Anyone else with some brain cells help me out?

Hiding under a towel

I've decided to start a blog. It won't be filled with witty, thought-provoking commentary on my life. Just normal, every day stuff that happens when you are a SAHM with two toddlers. But if you're wondering why I've decided to start, well, let me tell you. I'm doing it for a couple of reasons. 1) I have a friend with a blog and I really wanted to comment, but blog, therefore, no comment. *ahem*kansas...I'm talking about you. 2) I'll be the second to admit that I'm a follower. I couldn't be the first to admit, because then I'd be leading...duh. So a lot of my online friends (or maybe they're people I call my friends, but they don't really know much/anything about me) have blogs and it just seems like the natural thing to do. Blog that is. 3) I get bored a lot and I should be journaling and I don't know where my *real* journal is... And lastly 4) My daughter, who will be 3 next month, hides under a towel while going number 2 in the potty. Why? Who the heck knows... Anyway, the other day she wanted me to hide with her. So there I am, hiding under a towel while my daughter poops and my son pops his head under the towel too and I think "I could totally blog about this".