Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cuffs for my new coat

So because I have long gorilla arms, I have a hard time finding coats, sweaters, shirts, etc., that have long enough sleeves without leaving me to look like I'm wearing a tent. I have been looking for a winter coat that wouldn't break the bank. This weekend, I spotted a really cute coat at Walmart! I snatched it up. The sleeves seemed long enough and it fit great around my body.

However, upon further wearing, I noticed that the lining of the sleeve would slip down and come out below the end of the sleeve. So I can I fix this problem and make the sleeves even longer? (even though they were long enough, I thought that one washing might ruin the length)

My solution??? Socks!! I was so excited to show Bon tonight when he came home. So I will show you how I did it! sleeves before starting. See the lining?

My socks.

I cut below the ribbing.

Then I folded them in half to make the cuff.

Then I pinned them into 4 equal parts.

Then I pinned them onto the sleeve.

I sewed on the seam that shows on the outside of the coat.

(I actually pinned the first one on wrong, so when it's done it shows the raw edge. I don't want to unpick and re-sew, so it will stay that way.)

I corrected my pinning/sewing part on the other sleeve, but there isn't an obvious difference.

The final result...a little blurry. :)

I'm super excited about it! And I kind of melted the fake fur on the hood a little bit... oops!! lol C'est la vie!