Thursday, November 07, 2013

Little tidbits

A few weeks ago, Evan was pretending to be a robot.  We had just finished dinner and asked Evan to clear his plate from the table.  He walked up to the table, moved his head side to side and said "scan, scan, scan" with a robot voice.  Bon and I looked at each other and cracked up!  I still get a good chuckle out of that one.

The kids seem to always ask when they can just have time alone with Bon or me.  We would usually put them off and not plan anything.  So I finally sat down a couple of weeks ago and came up with a date schedule.  One weekend will be a parent/child date on Friday and Saturday (different child/parent each night) and the following weekend will be a date night for Bon and I.

Well last weekend Bon was going with Ryan on Friday and I went with Ty on Saturday.  Saturday morning, Bon was telling me about the time they had.  He said that as they were driving, he hadn't really asked Ryan anything and it had been quiet.  Ryan piped up from the backseat and said, "Dad, you're probably wondering how my day was." and proceeded to tell him.  He said that Ryan shared what he did that day in the order it was done and his thoughts about stuff.  Then he paused and said, "Your idea for date nights was great.  Thanks."  I just thought that was wonderful.  Bon works a lot and often says he wishes he had more time with the kids.  I knew that having it on the calendar was one way to help get it done.

My date with Ty was hilarious.  That kid is a hoot.  I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  "just a reg-lee-ur dad".  :)
Well, what are you going to do to earn money?
Oh, I'm not going to work.
Are you going to make your wife work?
Well, how are you going to pay for things like food and a house?
Welllll...I guess I could play music.
Oh, that's nice!
Yeah!  I could just put my hat down or something and people can just walk by and give me money when I play!
Soooo, you're going to play on the street??
Yeah --and continues to tell me a story about an obviously homeless person he saw on his way to the zoo for his field trip.  Apparently, you can make $100 a day!  ;)

Then I asked how many kids he wanted.
20???  (thinking oh his poor wife!)
Yeah!  Then I can build them a jungle gym!  Because kids LOOOVE jungle gyms!

In other news...
I told Bon last Tuesday during dinner that I kept getting the feeling I should be picking the kids up from school instead of them riding the bus home.  I said that I would start on Monday.  He turned and pointed to a saying I have up on the wall.  "Never postpone a prompting. Thomas S. Monson"  I said, "Dang it!  I'll go in tomorrow."  :)  I didn't have a number tag for our car this year and the kids needed their tags on their backpacks changed from bus to car.  So I got that taken care of and I've gotten them since Wed. the 30th.

Reagan had her follow up eye appt on the 1st.  She was tested for glaucoma.  At her first appt, it was noticed that her left optic nerve is a bit larger than her right.  That can be indicative of glaucoma.  So the test they did was a perimetry test, where they test her range of peripheral vision.  The doctor said that this test is hard for even grown ups the first time, because you just don't know what to expect or how to to it properly.  So there were spots on the test where she dipped into the troubled area.  And her eye pressure was 16.  So we have another appt on the 3rd of December with an ophthalmologist in the same practice.  She will perform the perimetry test again and the doctor will also see how thick her eye is to see if 16 is a good/bad number.  She explained that the eye is like a balloon, if you have a thicker balloon, you have more stretch and give, but a thinner one can only be stretched so much.  So...  Bon is coming with us for this one, since I never think of any questions to ask.  I did ask if it was stoppable.  And she said that it can't be cured, but there are treatments that slow it down significantly, such as eye drops.

I think that's all our big news.