Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some funny things

The first funny thing came from Ryan. Last Friday he comes home from school, pulls out a little bottle of water and says that they gave them out at school for the lock down. While I know that schools do practice lock downs, I was curious as to how long they practiced this lock down if they gave them water! lol So I said really, what did you do in the lock down? He told me they walked around in circles. LOL!!! OH, you mean "Walk-a-thon"??? Yeah, walk-a-thon. lol

So I told Bon that story and he thought it was pretty funny. So he asked Ryan about the bottle of water. Ryan told them that they got it in their "walk down". lol A little closer....

The next funny thing was tonight after Reagan and Ryan's soccer game. Everyone was kind of hyped up and just enjoying the time. We were on our way home from McDonald's drive thru and Ryan said something about what if he swung his hand and hit someone's head off. I said "That would be tragic!" Ty piped up and said "Tragic?! That would be MAGIC!!" Oh my gosh I bust up laughing!! I think I laughed the rest of the way home.