Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some evidence that we're real

The kids enjoyed decorating Daddy's cupcakes. Reagan felt that all the ones she decorated should have a little bit of every sprinkle on. Ty didn't care quite so much. See that cupcake on the left with like, one shake of yellow sprinkles on it? Ty.

And since I did my make up today (for my dumb NC driver's license) I thought I'd try and get a good picture of Bon and I.

(Excuse the zit on my chin. Make up wouldn't cover that thing.)

First attempt. I said, "Look happy!"

I didn't mean *that* happy! We laugh.

Try again.

Ha! Seriously now! C'mon. I give him a little slap on the bum.

Now he thinks he's all that. Who knew I married such a comedian?! ;)

Okay. For real this time.

Ahhhh...that's better.

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Happy birthday hubby.

Even though I don't think you even read this blog. Today I'm going to try and get the house clean. That's your present. I know. Totally what you've been waiting for. I'm also going to try and get my nc drivers license. Because you were totally mad that things didn't work out for me to get it yesterday. That's how much I love you. To be brave enough to take the boys with me while I take a test and smile and sign my name for an ugly piece of plastic. (And that's if I pass!)

Love you Bon. And thanks for all you do for us and me. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beth Anne would be so proud

My cousin Beth Anne is a born and bred Arkansan. Has a southern twang that Texans admire. She's also the cutest thing (and single, in case any of you sahm's reading this care). lol Here's why she'd be proud.

Reagan was running a fever on Saturday. I was laying beside her asking her if she hurt anywhere. No, just her head. Where at on your head?

On my ah.

Your EYE?

Yeah. My eye.

You see...moving down here, my mother-in-law was hoping that the kids wouldn't pick up on the southern drawl and start saying things like "hankerin" and "ain't". And so far, things have been pretty normal.

Of course, the boys are stuck home with me all day, Bon sits at an office with English and French people with a slight twist of southern.

But Reagan. Poor Reagan. From 8-2 she is being taught by a couple of teachers with drawls and probably hears a lot more twang in one day than I do in a week. So each day when I pick her up from school, I wait to hear her words. And I do hear a change sometimes. However, it's usually faded by the time we make it home.

So, Beth proud. And be lucky she's cute like you. :)

And some cute things Ty says:

k-bob = ketchup
poopyhead = well...poopyhead. He loves to say this. Over and over and over. Like "No I not, poopyhead!" or "I love you mommy, poopyhead!" Bon tries to tell him to stop, but me? I think it's hilarious and have to hide my smile/laughs everytime he says it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our realtor said

It never rained in the Carolina's. Hm. The two or three times that we came down to check out houses, it rained. Since we've lived here it's rained at least one day a week. Sometimes two. Apparently it does rain. Lots. I guess North Carolina is not in drought conditions any more. So glad our moving here could help the entire state. :P

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And then there are days like this

Waking up at two in the morning from a bad dream. Checking on the kids to make sure they were still okay and spending extra moments memorizing their faces. Telling your husband about the bad dream, only to have the visions in your head. So real. So sad. Much crying before 7 a.m. Still having the heartache of loss. Empty arms, someone missing. The longing for more. Nothing a store could ever sell me, but more of us. Knowing that with more I become a person I don't like to be for 3 months.

Sometimes I wish time would rewind. We could push the minute hand back and set the pendulum swinging. Start over where we were last happy, where haunting visions didn't creep in, where laughing and feeling joy weren't so tiring.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The worst book I've read in a while

It has great reviews, however, not from me. I was so bored reading this book that I would skip chapters that weren't relevant to the book. It's a work of fiction told from the viewpoint of an autistic boy. I have nothing against those with autism, but man, this book was slow! And boring! I even asked some mof's (my online friends) if they had read it, just to see if they could tell me what happened. They hadn't. So I had to finish reading it so I would know, but it was painful. I would not recommend this book.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ever have those days?

Do you ever have those days where your kids are throwing out one-liners like crazy and you think "I should totally blog about this!"??

But by the time you finish your day and tuck your angelic kids into bed, you forget everything?



I wasn't nearly as productive today as yesterday. I managed to go to the school for the Ident-A-Kid thing, then schlepped over to the post office. The boys were doing quite well and the lady was asking me if I needed any more stamps, etc. Ty saw they had Mickey Mouse stamps and exclaimed "Mickey Mouse Cubhouz!!!" really loud in that tiny post office. The people in line chuckled and the po worker laughed and said, "And we also have Mickey Mouse stamps." lol I think everyone in the building heard Ty. He was really that loud.

Then we went to the library. Which in this town is just a branch of the bigger county library(ies?). So it's pretty tiny. But I have discovered two new authors that I like. Joan Hess and Diane Mott Davidson. Joan has Claire Malloy series which I've read two of so far and they're pretty good. They both write mysteries.

We also found a kids book that I love and the kids loved!

You must check it out!

I think that's all for the night!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Said today

This morning I was telling Bon that I had a weird dream.

"You know those twins from Antique Roadshow that know everything about furniture?"

"yeah. Were you macking and then they'd switch and you didn't know it?"

"what? NO! (that's gross!) Anyway one of them and another lady were at my grandma's house. The lady asked me how long I'd been married and I couldn't quite do the math in my head, so I figured it out to be close to eleven years. Then they guy asked me how old I was and I paused because I couldn't think of it right away. He said he was 38. Then I told him I was 29. Then I woke up."

Weird. Then somehow the topic switched to Chippendale furniture, except Bon was thinking Chippendales, the kind that wear a bow tie and not much else and proceded to make the proper bow chicka wow wow sounds. If I only had some dollar bills....

Ty is exploding with his talking. He talked before, but now he's talking in full out paragraphs it seems. His favorite thing to say lately is "no ur not!" Like I would say "I'm going to change your diaper now!" "No ur not!"

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wow, it's almost been a month.

I swear I post more, but I guess not.

We are now moved, in case you haven't talked to our family since July and didn't know that we sold our house, bought a new house and trekked down to North Carolina.

Reagan started kindergarten on Monday. And on Wednesday she got to ride the bus in the morning. The afternoon ride would be almost 2 hours long! And she lives 5 minutes from the school! So I'll be picking her up in the afternoons. She is enjoying going to school and it's a lot quieter around here without all the arguing between her and Ryan. Bon and I do feel sad though, because she has said that so far this week no one has played with her at recess. Yesterday she just walked around. :( That was heartbreaking to hear. But today she told me she helped a boy named Cody find kids to scare. lol I have no idea what that means. I was trying to figure out if the kids he was scaring were playing with them, but she told me she wasn't playing with them, just helping Cody. Ok...whatever!

The boys get along fairly well while she's at school. Ryan wants me to play with him all the time. I need to break him of that! lol We have some trees behind our house and I sent them out to the "woods" today to explore. They looked so cute out there with thier walking sticks. I really hope there isn't poison ivy out there. (i know, i'm a great mom!)

Bon worked from home on Monday, but since has gone into the office. I dropped by some cookies yesterday. His boss bought his lunch Tues. and Wed. and said that if he works through lunch, she'll buy. I laughed out loud when he told me and said "did you tell her you ALWAYS work through lunch?!" He chuckled and said he didn't. He's gonna get fat with all this food...since his normal diet is no breakfast, maybe a peanut butter sandwich for lunch with doritos and an occasional good dinner. Now he still doesn't eat breakfast, but eating lunch and so far (yeah, all 5-6 days) we've had good dinners. *gasp* I know it's a total shocker that I can actually plan ahead and cook! It shocks me too.

We had a coupon from our realtor for two free hours of handyman services. So some guy came yesterday and was able to hang blinds in the whole upstairs. Yay! We can finally use our master bathroom! Bon took a shower in our shower this morning for the first time. We've been using the hall bathroom. (we aren't completely gross!)

Well, the kids sound like they are getting into lots of trouble downstairs without me. I better check it out.