Monday, October 27, 2008

Beth Anne would be so proud

My cousin Beth Anne is a born and bred Arkansan. Has a southern twang that Texans admire. She's also the cutest thing (and single, in case any of you sahm's reading this care). lol Here's why she'd be proud.

Reagan was running a fever on Saturday. I was laying beside her asking her if she hurt anywhere. No, just her head. Where at on your head?

On my ah.

Your EYE?

Yeah. My eye.

You see...moving down here, my mother-in-law was hoping that the kids wouldn't pick up on the southern drawl and start saying things like "hankerin" and "ain't". And so far, things have been pretty normal.

Of course, the boys are stuck home with me all day, Bon sits at an office with English and French people with a slight twist of southern.

But Reagan. Poor Reagan. From 8-2 she is being taught by a couple of teachers with drawls and probably hears a lot more twang in one day than I do in a week. So each day when I pick her up from school, I wait to hear her words. And I do hear a change sometimes. However, it's usually faded by the time we make it home.

So, Beth proud. And be lucky she's cute like you. :)

And some cute things Ty says:

k-bob = ketchup
poopyhead = well...poopyhead. He loves to say this. Over and over and over. Like "No I not, poopyhead!" or "I love you mommy, poopyhead!" Bon tries to tell him to stop, but me? I think it's hilarious and have to hide my smile/laughs everytime he says it.


The Millhouse Family said...

ROFL! That's always been a fear of ours too (living in TN & now TX). Maybe I should claim the accent issues as my main reason for homeschooling?? LOL jk! "k-bob" that cracks me up!! love your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the South. You'll get used to it :). And my 3yo loves to call me a chicken head!! I call him one right back. When he did it at soccer practice last week the coach was shocked that I was just laughing right along.