Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wow, it's almost been a month.

I swear I post more, but I guess not.

We are now moved, in case you haven't talked to our family since July and didn't know that we sold our house, bought a new house and trekked down to North Carolina.

Reagan started kindergarten on Monday. And on Wednesday she got to ride the bus in the morning. The afternoon ride would be almost 2 hours long! And she lives 5 minutes from the school! So I'll be picking her up in the afternoons. She is enjoying going to school and it's a lot quieter around here without all the arguing between her and Ryan. Bon and I do feel sad though, because she has said that so far this week no one has played with her at recess. Yesterday she just walked around. :( That was heartbreaking to hear. But today she told me she helped a boy named Cody find kids to scare. lol I have no idea what that means. I was trying to figure out if the kids he was scaring were playing with them, but she told me she wasn't playing with them, just helping Cody. Ok...whatever!

The boys get along fairly well while she's at school. Ryan wants me to play with him all the time. I need to break him of that! lol We have some trees behind our house and I sent them out to the "woods" today to explore. They looked so cute out there with thier walking sticks. I really hope there isn't poison ivy out there. (i know, i'm a great mom!)

Bon worked from home on Monday, but since has gone into the office. I dropped by some cookies yesterday. His boss bought his lunch Tues. and Wed. and said that if he works through lunch, she'll buy. I laughed out loud when he told me and said "did you tell her you ALWAYS work through lunch?!" He chuckled and said he didn't. He's gonna get fat with all this food...since his normal diet is no breakfast, maybe a peanut butter sandwich for lunch with doritos and an occasional good dinner. Now he still doesn't eat breakfast, but eating lunch and so far (yeah, all 5-6 days) we've had good dinners. *gasp* I know it's a total shocker that I can actually plan ahead and cook! It shocks me too.

We had a coupon from our realtor for two free hours of handyman services. So some guy came yesterday and was able to hang blinds in the whole upstairs. Yay! We can finally use our master bathroom! Bon took a shower in our shower this morning for the first time. We've been using the hall bathroom. (we aren't completely gross!)

Well, the kids sound like they are getting into lots of trouble downstairs without me. I better check it out.


shauntel said...

Yeah. We have a similar "no one plays with me at recess problem." It's pretty sad.

Jeanette and Jason said...

That's great, does it feel like home yet? Tell Bon that Jason says he misses him already, even though they never really hung out. He says that he would sacrifice his back for Bon anytime!

Anonymous said...

What a great update!! Sounds like everyone is settling in well.

The Millhouse Family said...

We had issues with recess at one point. I asked these three things:

Did you go up to a classmate and ask their name? reply "no"

Well did you introduce yourself? reply "no"

So I explained that sometimes people don't notice people sitting out or people who don't have friends cause their too busy playing. I encouraged her to introduce herself and just say "I would love to play with you guys, care if I join in"

The only problem with that is that kids are kids and usually no one is there to mediate their response... to teach them how to accept others in. Soooo when Emma did it the first time, the kids said no. LOL So she came home mortified and told me she did everything. hehe Oops... didn't prepare her on how to respond if they weren't inviting kids. So then we talked about finding someone else that is playing alone or that is sad. She did that and they became great friends. It was a good opportunity to show her how it feels to be alone, be turned down and how NOT to treat others that way because it isn't Christ-like.

Aww... the woes of a child. :) SO glad you are settling in. That is so funny about Bon's boss. AWESOME about the free handyman!!!