Thursday, December 28, 2006

I ain't no redneck

I read over my list this morning and realized that I sound like a total redneck, white-trash, trailer park, wife beater wearing momma. And I just wanted to let you know that I'm not. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm not. I'm fairly normal.

See, here's a picture of me (albeit bad) with my kiddos. I realize that my face looks huge and my glasses are glaring and my daughter has horrible red-eye and you can't even see my older son's eyes because he's smiling so nicely, but hey, you get what you get.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Things you may...or may not know about me

I've been lacking in my blog. I need witty. I need you to see me. I read other well-written, witty and charming blogs and I think to myself "I totally think like that! I could've written that if I weren't so not funny when I write!" So I decided to do a list of things about me that you may or may not know. I don't know how long it'll be, but it'll be.

1. I love laughing.
2. I love reading good books.
3. I love hearing my baby fart. It means he'll be less grouchy.
4. I'm not good at making my baby laugh.
5. I wish I was.
6. If I could be shorter or thinner, I'd choose shorter.
7. I have been craving ice cream. Chocolate to be precise.
8. I don't really have a favorite number. and it's annoying when people ask what it is, because really, who has a favorite number and why?? I just don't understand the whole favorite number craze...
9. I wish that I liked my sister better.
10. I hope she never finds my blog. lol
11. I share a middle name with my grandmother.
12. I am rarely full. I love, love, love to eat.
13. But I'm shy about it because I feel like too much of a pig because I could easily eat more than my husband.
14. Which is probably why I weigh 25 pounds more than him.
15. I'm not a huge fan of horses.
16. I love roller coasters.
17. I love to bake.
18. I wish I wasn't so lazy.
19. But I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
20. I usually feel inferior around people because I didn't go to college.
21. Call me crazy.
22. I usually only brush my teeth once a day. (eww, gross!)
23. But at least it's in the morning.
24. Now if anyone reads this and they know me they'll be checking out my teeth to see how nasty they are, and they'll be surprised because they aren't nasty. :)
25. And I'll post more later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Finished....and messy

Living room

Kitchen from dining room

Dining room and kitchen from kitchen. We also were suprised with a new fridge from one of Bon's sisters. It's way nice and I love it. And her. :)
p.s. I hope this format is okay. I can't tell how it's going to post. :)

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Have I mentioned that I love this time of year? And did I mention that I'm extra excited because my kitchen/living room is done? I don't care that we don't have a stitch of furniture for our living room, I'm just happy that it's liveable now. *sigh*

So, today at church, I get this grand idea to have a cookie decorating party at our house on Friday. I casually mentioned this to Bon yesterday, and he suggested inviting a less-active family in our ward that has children around the same age as our older two. But the party I suggested to Bon was a gingerbread house making party, which would be harder and you wouldn't invite a lot of people to unless you had lots of space. I as I remind people about the mommy and me group at my house on Thursday, I also invite them to the cookie decorating party. Bon asked who all I invited. Um, the W family, the B's, the B's, the A's, the M's, the G's, the R's...I think that's it. lol And now I can think of 3 more families that weren't there that I wanted to invite. But it will be so much fun!! I can get games out and make punch and we'll decorate and eat cookies and visit and it'll be so much fun! Wanna come? :)

Today we had tithing settlement. As we sat there with our bishop, he told us how much he loved us and loved what we are doing, being active in the church and raising a family. He teared up while telling us and it was just neat to hear that coming from him. I thought for the longest time that he didn't even know who I was. lol Silly, I guess. He has a neat family and the more I get to know his wife, the more I realize how much of a super, super nice person she is. When our youngest was blessed, she wrote down the key things that my dh had said in his blessing. I thanked her and she told me that she wished that someone would've done that for her when her children were blessed, so she tries to do that for others. Aw. :) So sweet!

I'll go snap some pictures of my kitchen, mess and all. Just for you loyal readers. ;) lol

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I can't believe how fast Christmas has come this year. And the whole Christmas Eve on Sunday thing is throwing me off too. I am so excited for Christmas this year. Our kitchen is done and I can bake until I burst! I *LOVE* to bake! I love eating what I bake too! :) The kids are excited for Santa and the possibility of getting gifts. R-girl is asking for everything under the sun and then says "I hope Santa will bring me that!" with a hopeful tune. Now I just need to be a little more organized and actually get more things for gift-giving. We are having Christmas with my mom and dad this Saturday. Should be fun!

gotta go. My tummy's rumbling! :)