Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Things you may...or may not know about me

I've been lacking in my blog. I need witty. I need you to see me. I read other well-written, witty and charming blogs and I think to myself "I totally think like that! I could've written that if I weren't so not funny when I write!" So I decided to do a list of things about me that you may or may not know. I don't know how long it'll be, but it'll be.

1. I love laughing.
2. I love reading good books.
3. I love hearing my baby fart. It means he'll be less grouchy.
4. I'm not good at making my baby laugh.
5. I wish I was.
6. If I could be shorter or thinner, I'd choose shorter.
7. I have been craving ice cream. Chocolate to be precise.
8. I don't really have a favorite number. and it's annoying when people ask what it is, because really, who has a favorite number and why?? I just don't understand the whole favorite number craze...
9. I wish that I liked my sister better.
10. I hope she never finds my blog. lol
11. I share a middle name with my grandmother.
12. I am rarely full. I love, love, love to eat.
13. But I'm shy about it because I feel like too much of a pig because I could easily eat more than my husband.
14. Which is probably why I weigh 25 pounds more than him.
15. I'm not a huge fan of horses.
16. I love roller coasters.
17. I love to bake.
18. I wish I wasn't so lazy.
19. But I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
20. I usually feel inferior around people because I didn't go to college.
21. Call me crazy.
22. I usually only brush my teeth once a day. (eww, gross!)
23. But at least it's in the morning.
24. Now if anyone reads this and they know me they'll be checking out my teeth to see how nasty they are, and they'll be surprised because they aren't nasty. :)
25. And I'll post more later.


Heather said...

Becky I have to admit I often join you in your toothbrushing secret. My teeth aren't nasty either. I have only 1 cavity and DH, Mr. Brush his teeth all the time, has a ton.

beckylou said...

Whew! *swiping hand across forehead* I was afraid that you were all going to be grossed out at that one and never talk to me anymore and talk about me behind my back. Like everyone's getting a secret email..."did you know Becky doesn't brush her teeth but once a day? Golly willikers that's disgusting!" ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey. I was the deleted commenter. I liked your list. It made me smile. I'm off and on on the teeth brushing front. Sometimes once a day, sometimes 3 times. Weird, I know.