Monday, July 21, 2008

Another busy week

As if I'm not stressed enough. lol

To catch you up...The week of July 4th, we put the house on the market. Can be shown after July 8th. Get a call on July 8th "can we show your house tomorrow at 10 am?'. Look around me and see the contents of my house basically thrown up in the living room. Um...sure. Freak out. Call my good friend Liz and beg, I mean ask if she could watch my kids while I clean. Clean for 4 hours or so. Go to pick up my kids only 1/3 done on the house. Get the kids in bed and stay up till 3 a.m. (Did I mention that Bon was in Alabama on business??) Up at 7:30 to finish up. (yeah. my house really was that messy!) Gather up the kids and head out for a couple of hours. The house was shown and they offered! Holy crap. So now we have a contract on our house. After one showing. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being really stressed, I'm at a 13. lol (this paragraph was extremely long, sorry!)

Anyway. This week.

Monday: Clean the whole house. As we were going to bed last night, Bon said it was unfortunate that "we had to clean the whole house again." I laughed and paused and said that "we and again" don't really belong in the same sentence. He laughed and agreed and bowed down and kissed my feet.

Just joking.

He didn't bow.

Tuesday: All three kids have their check-ups. I'm a horrible mom and haven't gotten their check-ups on time for a couple of years. And Ty is behind on his vaccs. I know! Horrible. Reagan is worried about getting a shot. But I think it will go okay. Then in the afternoon an inspector is coming. Hence the cleaning today.

Wednesday: A follow up appt with my Ob/gyn. Other than the lightheadedness, I think I'm doing better. Just really still stressed and overwhelmed. But I'm not horribly angry at my kids/life/situation anymore. So that's better, right?

Thursday: nothing planned.

Friday: I'd like to go to Charlotte area and start searching for houses. Bon is going to see about childcare, so I have to wait on him before I plan too much. Having no home is a big stressor for me right now.

So that's it. My little update. I feel better about getting of the computer now, knowing that you all know my schedule. lol

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Tonight the kids were playing around and Ryan tells Reagan he's going to "e@t her me@t". I paused with what I was doing to see where this conversation was going to go.

Reagan: Humans don't eat meat! Only dinosaurs and lions and tigers eat meat!

Ryan seemed to take that news okay since he wished he was "born a dinosaur" instead of being Ryan yesterday.

I guess I'll hold off telling them about those chicken nuggets....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Well, it's official

Our house is on the market. And I am so not ready. Our realtor took a picture of the outside of our house and is coming back next week to take inside shots. So in the meantime, I need to really light a fire under me and de-clutter this place.

This move is really bittersweet for me. I have made more friends in these three years than I have since high school. I am slow to make friends because I'm kinda quirky, smart-alecky, sarcastic, weird and I don't want to scare people away right off the bat. So I tend to hide my true self for a while until they know me better. I'm weirder the longer you know me. ;) I am going to be so sad leaving here. And sadly it's not because I'll be moving away from my family. (Except for my in-laws...I will miss them the most!!) It's because I'll be leaving some great friends. *sniff*

Today was my 6-week checkup that was really 8 weeks. I have a great doctor and I'll be sad to leave him too. lol Physically I'm all healed. I'm doing good. Emotionally, not so good. I feel like I have constant PMS. One minute I'm yelling at my kids for something stupid and the next I'm in tears because I feel so bad for yelling. My emotions are all over the place. And I go through periods of total "I'm so over this greiving process" back into depression of not carrying/holding/rearing this baby. I think about how far along I would be and the movements of what a baby inside feels like. The kicking and hicupping. And it sucks.

So I was prescribed some anti-depressants. The pharmacy closed tonight before I could pick them up, but I am really hoping for some help from them. My doctor told me that I'm supposed to be depressed right now. But if this is interfereing with daily tasks and thoughts, then the medication will help. I was also given a pamplet about PPD. An older nurse, who I think answers the phone when you call the nurse for questions, brought it to me and told me that some of the things in there relate to me, but not all of them, because I don't have the baby at home. Wow. Thanks for that reminder. No wonder you answer the phone and don't deal face to face with the patients. Yikes. Was also given a card for a counselor and support group. I don't know how I feel about calling either of those places yet. It seems like a good idea, but it might be too fresh for me still. I don't know.

Anyway. That's a little update here.

My almost two-year-old can say "soda". Is that sad or what?! lol Except he says it like "sow-a". And he calls Ryan and Reagan by name. But Reagan is usually still Sissy, which is what we all call her. He will now say "one" when asked how old he is and hold up one finger. But then if you ask him how old he's going to be next, he'll say "sree" and hold up his hand with all his fingers up, but kinda tilty. lol It's way cute.

Oh, I almost forgot! My bff Kendra had her baby this past Friday! Olivia Ann was born at 5:48 pm on June 27, 2008. She is the cutest little thing! She's tiny too! 6 lbs. 13.9 oz. Congrats Kendra and Jed!!