Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some evidence that we're real

The kids enjoyed decorating Daddy's cupcakes. Reagan felt that all the ones she decorated should have a little bit of every sprinkle on. Ty didn't care quite so much. See that cupcake on the left with like, one shake of yellow sprinkles on it? Ty.

And since I did my make up today (for my dumb NC driver's license) I thought I'd try and get a good picture of Bon and I.

(Excuse the zit on my chin. Make up wouldn't cover that thing.)

First attempt. I said, "Look happy!"

I didn't mean *that* happy! We laugh.

Try again.

Ha! Seriously now! C'mon. I give him a little slap on the bum.

Now he thinks he's all that. Who knew I married such a comedian?! ;)

Okay. For real this time.

Ahhhh...that's better.

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The Millhouse Family said...

LOL LOVE IT!!!! TOO CUTE!! You guys just crack me up!

shauntel said...

ha. he's such a joker. i like the last one. very cute. did you ever post the pictures of you kissing in front of the eiffel tower?

shimber said...

You guys are so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

how fun, those cupcakes look yummy! And my dh would never let me take that many pics of him.

Jeanette said...

Gotta hate those zits. I'm a picker so I make mine look terrible! You look good with make up though!!