Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day of school present

This is late, but I wanted to share what I came up with for end of the year gifts for my kids teachers. I got some of my idea from another blog, but then came up with the rest on my own. It's hard to read the writing, so this is what it says: "It's o"fish"al!! You have been an AWsome teacher! Now that it's break time and your life isn't revolving around school, I hope you have time to get sun-kissed! Thank you for being a "tote"ally great teacher and helping me become "note"iceably smarter!" And in case you can't tell what all was in the gift "tote", it contained A&W root beer, Sunkist, a note pad, a Kit Kat bar, a pack of Orbit gum and a package of Swedish fish. (although you could always use Goldfish crackers also.)

It was inexpensive and all the teachers said they loved it. I'm sure they are supposed to say that...even if it's something crappy that they hate. But I like to think that they thought it was unique. :)
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Sue said...

Very nice. You are awesome! Those are some lucky teachers.