Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One of THOSE people....

The nesting bug has finally hit. I've been getting anxious about what all needs to be done and what I'd like to get done before the baby gets here. Today, my good friend (you could almost say best friend, since she's only irl friend) came over to help me with some cleaning. As we wash down my kitchen cabinets, she is telling me about her sister-in-law who made a quilt for a gift, because she had spare time. And about how she makes homemade cards that look perfect and how when she started sewing, she basically taught herself and started making really nice church skirts and things that looked not homemade. After she tells me this, I say "oh, she's one of THOSE people..." Then, get this, my friend says that honestly, she considers me to be one of THOSE people.

Okay. Huh?? Are you all as flabbergasted as I am? I mean, honestly. Me? One of THOSE people?? If you, my blog readers, knew me at all, you would soooo not label me as one of THOSE people!

And in case any of you are confused at who THOSE people might be...well, THOSE people are the ones who in their first attempts of baking bread, have it come out perfectly golden brown, with a perfectly rounded top. No gooey-ness in the middle with a dark brown (almost burnt) top. They are the Bree VanDeKamps in the world....not the Susan Meyers. They are the one's who say, "I want to learn to scrapbook" and come up with pages in hours that would have taken a non-THOSE people months to create, let alone finish. They are the ones who never say inappropriate things at inappropriate times because....well, maybe the non-THOSE people are busy chatting away and THOSE people are, you know, too polite to interrupt. Are we clear as to who(m) THOSE people are? Are you one????

So, okay, while I am good at some things, I am not good at all things. I think that not being good at all things pushes me out of the running for being one of THOSE people. And since this post really doesn't have a point, I'll leave you all knowing that I am not one of THOSE people. I haven't ever been, nor do I think I will ever be. I've gotten better at baking bread. I haven't done it in over a year, so I will have to go through a learning curve again, once our kitchen's done. I don't scrapbook, although I love looking at other's pages. It always amazes me at how much creativity one person can have. Maybe they took mine.... I'm a pretty good baker. Maybe not "good", but I enjoy it. I am also decent at making things with a sewing machine. I finished some curtains for our room. They aren't up yet. (no hardware) But when they're hung, I'll brag for a moment or two and you can say "She is sooo totally one of THOSE people...." ;)

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