Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My laundry room smells like onions

And it's really disgusting. I like onions, but I don't want to have a room in my house smelling like them. And the odd part is that it's only on the one half of the room. I guess that means I should clean in there and see where the onion odor is coming from. Please don't let it be a rotten onion. I think I would puke. And if you're wondering why there would be a rotten onion, or any onion in there, it would be because my kitchen and my laundry room used to share the same room. There was a time when my main cooking sources were a toaster oven, microwave and electric skillet. And I did dishes in my utility sink and we stocked up our mini fridge. But then we finished the "real" kitchen and I cook in the basement no more. Although, my son still refers to the laundry room as the kitchen. Anyway...I digress. Onion in the laundry room because it used to bunk with the kitchen. Got it?

I braved life today and we invited one of Reagan's best friends over. They were pretty good and even though Ryan was being a total punk, everyone seemed to get along well. Ryan did come downstairs towards the end of her time here and pouted to me that he didn't have a friend. So I played with him a little and he was okay. After getting the kids in bed, I ran to Target and Helzberg diamonds to see what the charge would be to get my wedding ring resized. My fingers are a little fatter than 8 years ago and wearing my wedding band makes my finger sore. Now I'm home and should be heading to bed soon.

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