Thursday, August 13, 2009

Censoring himself

Earlier this week, I was told that Ty was laying in bed with no diaper and no pants on. He was just "playing" whatever version of his own game he had in his head and it seems I wasn't too concerned, because I forgot about him for a little while. I had seen Reagan and Ryan running around with two of our neighbor kids upstairs, but then, like an "aha" moment, I thought..."where's Ty?"

Well, he was indeed laying in bed with obviously nothing on. He had strategically placed his pillow and was off in dreamland.

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Sue said...

Ahhh...he's so sweet.
He really is sweet, I hope you know that. ;)

Sue said...

I'm such a dork. Of course you know that!!

dskddoby said...

at least he thought to cover himself up. Dylan sleeps in his underwear. And proceeds to walk around in the morning in them until I tell him to get some clothes on!

Ruth Vest said...

he'll LOVE that when he's 16!