Monday, December 21, 2009


As horrible as this is to admit, Ty is *shhhh*my favorite*shhhh* kid as of lately. Even at the age of 3, he expresses himself so well and has a pretty good grasp on things. He helps fold towels and if I ask him to do something, he will say "I won't do it if you ask me once, but if you ask me two times and say it like this "___________, pretty please?? I'll do it." His favorite things are Curious George, Dinosaur Train and playing make believe. He does great at playing by himself and sings to himself a lot too.

Here's a sampling of some things he's said/done lately.

Last week, we went to Target twice, once on Monday and then on Friday. On Monday, he was a bit off his game and was a little whiny and threw a fit because I didn't let him get an "awesome" cart.
An awesome cart is the kind that is cumbersome where there are the hard plastic seats for more than one kid, except they never sit there and hop off and on the cart and it's longer than a normal cart, which means it's harder to steer and maneuver. Anyway...that fit should have been my clue to high tail it out of there, but I needed to get some things. Fast forward to the end where I pay for my purchases and Ty checks out the stuff by the register. I tell him to c'mon and he shows me that he shoved a huge push pop (candy) in his jacket pocket. I take it from him and toss it back to the candy part. Fit number two. I tell him it's wrong to take things without paying for them and that it makes Heavenly Father and Jesus sad when we do things that are wrong. I think he gets it. He's sad, but oh well. Fast forward to Friday. We hop out of the van and he tells me that he is going to pay for his candy this time because if he doesn't, Heavenly Father and Jesus will be sad. Cute or what?! He got it, even at the age of three.

Then a cute thing he did today. He was sitting beside me on the couch. He takes his hand and rubs it over my boob and says "Wow, his eyes are getting so BIG!!!" I manage to not crack up and ask who's eyes? He looks at me like I'm dumb and says "The baby's!!" That's when I crack up and tell him that all of the baby is in my belly. He has this really confused look and says "all in yours belly??" Oh, so funny!!!

I will say that I love all my kids. They each have a unique personality and I love them each deeply. I think that lately, I'm just loving Ty a little bit more because he won't be my "baby" anymore. :)


Sue said...

Oh, how cute is he! :)

On a completely different note, I'm so happy to see you post something for me to read that I could just...well...cry!

Ruth Vest said...

that's so funny-his eyes are getting so big. hilarious! i stole gum once when i was a kid so i feel his pain. i returned it because jon told on me! ty's so cute!

liz said...

That is funny! I love all your kids. They are so much fun.