Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Giving y'all something to look at...

I don't know how people do it! I feel like I'm running in the same spot trying to play catch up and people just whizz right by with an easy pace! Phew! And I'm dog tired! lol

Early May was Reagan's dance recital. Her class performed to three songs. She did really good and it was obvious of her oldest sibling status. If the girls didn't move fast enough off the stage in front of her, she kind of shooed them and gathered them. She won a trophy and was very happy about that (everyone got one).

Then from there, it was the last month of school busy-ness. Class parties, field days, etc. Reagan and Ryan did miss a week for my grandma's funeral, but they hopped right back into the swing of things upon returning. Reagan's record was brought to council because she had missed one too many days of school. But because she is a super student, it was fine. Just annoying. :)

I was recently called to be Activity Days Leader (I think I was called end of February?). It is fun to be able to go with Reagan, although she does act kinda naughty since I am there. ;) We are taking July and August off, although, I don't know if that was because the lady doing it before is a teacher and that was her way, or if that is how the primary wants it done.

June brought Ryan's 7th birthday! He had Christian spend the night and Bon took Ryan, Christian, Reagan and Ty bowling.

The 10th was the kids last day of school. We did the tradition of going out somewhere after school to get a treat. I had asked Reagan earlier in the week about our tradition and she didn't know we had one. Um...maybe it's more for me? I pick them up the first and last day of school and we go to Sonic or Dairy Queen and get ice cream. This year it was Dairy Queen.

Father's Day went well. We made (bought) Bon an apron with handprints. He liked it! One of the boys said that now he could wear it when he made us lunch. lol (since we gave it to him after church and we hadn't eaten yet)

This week Ryan is at Scout Day Camp. It's only day 2, but it is super hot this week (compared to last week's fairly mild temperatures). They provide the lunch and yesterday's bologna and cheese sandwich was "gross...even the bread tasted disgusting! and all the scouts got to drink was chocolate milk and the staff got sodas!!" Such inequality!!! ;)

Also in sad news....My good friend Mary is moving this week. :( Super sad!!! They are going back up to Michigan for a year until her husband's job takes them somewhere else. I threw a party on Saturday for her, one last get together with all the girls that played bunco. Fun and sad all at the same time. I will miss her a TON!

First crops of the season, besides lettuce and strawberries. Those potato peels Mom had me bury did surprisingly well. Maybe a surprise to me, but not her...I'm not sure. :)


Sue said...

What a great update, fabulous photos, beautiful & handsome children! All good except the Mary thing-sniff...sniff. :)

Shanel said...

Finally an update! :) That's pretty amazing about the potato peels...I will have to try that.