Monday, July 30, 2012

A few memories I don't want to forget

When everyone was leaving from Benham's Grove and mom told one of my kids to "Take special care of your light" in reference to the flashlights dad had handed out to everyone.  I commented that it had a double meaning.  The flashlight and the light within each of us.  :) 

Riding the Diamondback with Shanel and hearing her scream from the top of the first hill and almost all the way back up.  I never knew someone could scream that much!!  I don't know where she got the breath for all of that scream!  It was hilarious! 

Having Ryan baptized with most everyone there.  I sat down as the prelude music was being played and the emotion of having everyone there for Ryan and for us overwhelmed me.  There were no grumbles about doing this during the reunion (that I heard of), about taking an hour or two out of the afternoon to put on church clothes, only to take them off again.  It was fabulous.  Jay's talk, especially, was touching.  To see him tear up and become emotional about how great this family is and what great examples we have to follow is exactly how I feel about the Carter family too. 

I'm sure there will be more.  But those are just a few I thought of right now. 


Sue said...

Thanks Becky. Good memories. You have made me cry just thinking about this. :)

Shanel said...

Good memories! I especially love the baptism. I could feel the spirit so strong and to have the whole family together for such a wonderful occasion was fabulous :) I am also glad that I could experience those terrifying roller coasters with you. I have been showing everyone that hilarious picture from FlightHawk :)