Sunday, October 04, 2015


Last Thursday I started coming down with a low fever and a cough.  I thought it was the flu.  But the dang fever kept hanging around and I was having trouble catching my breath when I would cough.  So I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday and was diagnosed with bronchitis.  5 days on antibiotics and I feel like a new woman.  I still have a yucky cough, but I'm not hanging out in bed with no energy.  Luckily no one else has showed any symptoms, so it must have just been a freak thing.

Friday I was so tired and just starting to feel better, but I was having a horribly emotional day.  I missed GA and my friends so much.  Then I would cry.  Then I would think if I missed my friends that much, how much must the kids miss their friends?! And I would cry some more.  Then I thought of Evan and how his best friend moved to UT, so even if we visited GA, he wouldn't get to see Finn and guess what?  I'd cry some more.  I just felt like a total goober.  And poor Bon.  He does what he can to help me, but I just think the emotional mess of it all throws him for a loop.   Kinda like "be nice to Mom, but stay away from her" kind of things.  Ha!

Bon got some shelves set up in the garage and on the front porch.  So we have 99% of the boxes out of the living room now.  I was starting to feel caged in.  I am waiting for some negativity about some of the boxes being moved to the garage, but she hasn't been here yet.  Plus she doesn't live here, so I can't let her control this.  I need to make that my mantra.

This week I will be trying to catch up on things I didn't do while sick. the bathroom.  My visiting teachers are coming on Tuesday, so that will be nice.


Sue said...

Oh, I wish I had know you were sick.I could have brought you some chicken soup. I'm glad you are feeling some better. Thankfully you went to the Dr.
I have no help to offer about missing GA & friends. I'm sorry you have such stress. We love you!

beckylou said...

There is a funny story that happened with me being sick. Ryan happened to throw up at school on Tuesday and I had to go get him. Bon was in Detroit that day and I texted him that I had to get Ryan. Then I texted "Dr appt at 9:15 on Wednesday. Will you be able to watch Evan?" Wednesday morning I slept so poorly, I asked Bon if he could get the kids off to school. 8:30 rolls around and Ryan pops his head in the bedroom asking if he has a drs appt. I walk out and look at Bon confused. "uh, the drs appt is for me." "Then what is he doing home?" "I don't know." haha. So I dropped Ryan off at school before MY drs appt. I explained why he was late and the secretary laughed and said "we'll call it a 'mental health morning'." lol