Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kicking myself

I had my 38 week check-up today...with a nurse practitioner. yeah. You read that right. A nurse practitioner. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? They can't to squat for me! Why did I not say anything when they were scheduling my appt.? I mean, honestly. I can't say, "get this baby out of me before I freaking lose my mind and go postal!" or "strip my membranes!" or "what day are you on-call...schedule me in!" I think sometimes the people that schedule the appts. must be oblivious to how things go. I've seen 3 out of the 6 doctors in that practice for this whole pregnancy so far. Why, when I'm down to the last month, would I want to start seeing NP's or the midwife??? Um, hellooo?! I have nothing against NP's or midwives, but when I haven't wanted to see one for my whole pregancy (which has lasted long enough, btw), why would I want to start now? So yeah, back to the kicking myself thing. I am done. I am through. I want to evict this baby. And so today, as I spent a whole 5 minutes with the NP, I was pissed with myself for being so dumb as to let myself be scheduled with a NP when I knew last week that I'd be done and ready to get this baby out. So now I wait. I wait to go into labor. Or I wait for my appt. next Wednesday with an actual doctor. My favorite doctor. :)

Oh, and my appt update. Gained 5 pounds. That's now 22 lb's from my pre-preg weight. or about 35 pounds from my lowest weight during pgcy. My blood pressure was 112/60 or something like that. And my cervix is "definately softer, but still thick" and I'm not dilated, but she said that we could call it "fingertip" dilated if I really wanted some sort of progress. Gee. Thanks. *phlbt* <---That's me sticking my tongue out at her...

And besides sex, what are your techniques to make yourself go into labor??


Heather said...

Sorry you didn't get to see the doctor! The only thing that has worked both times to make me go into labor was to have tons of things scheduled to do. Both boys came at the busiest times for Nick & I.

I've had friends swear by curb walking (1 foot up on the curb the other in the street.)

Hope you aren't feeling any more uncomfortable than is normal for the last few weeks. Wish I was close enough to help out!

Lee said...

Chinese Food. I hear it works wonders. I had dd 36 hours after eating it.

taffi said...

I don't have any wonderful tips, as my last two babies were induced and the one before that was a week overdue - but I just wanted to offer my sympathies. Hope you get some relief soon!!

emlouisa said...

I don't have tips either. I suck at going into labor and actually producing a baby that way.


I am crossing my fingers for you though! May it happen soon! I hope you have the best birth experience possible!