Thursday, September 07, 2006


My motivation is seriously lacking lately. I swear my dh must think I'm on the computer all day because he seems to only see me when I'm sitting in the chair in front of it. I do do other things. Not many other things, but I do them. I think I would like for someone to take my kids for several hours (or days or weeks) and I could clean and sort through crap...uh, I mean our stuff that we never use, and get rid of it. But it would have to be on a day when my dh wasn't home either because he would see me sorting through our belongings and break out into a cold sweat. "Why are you getting rid of that?" Uhh....because it's been sitting in our garage since we were married and we'll never ever ever use it. And because I'm tired of looking at it and moving it around to make room for other things that we buy and will never ever ever use. That's why. Some days I have the motivation to do what I want and my kids will cooperate and play nice. Then there are the days where I have the motivation and my kids are absolute terrors. Those days are more frequent and I tend to get discouraged and lose my motivation. So alas, here I sit...with no motivation and one dirty and cluttered house. *sigh*

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Olivia said...

Amen sister! DH thinks that I don't do much either. Since I only have one kid he's probably right more often than not.

DH likes to keep things too. Not me! I probably throw away too much.