Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Longest month

I think January is the longest month. My husband claims that his business slows down in the winter, but he has been awfully busy this month. And I'm getting tired of it. He was overseas two weeks ago. Last week he had a guy up from the U.S. office and was "training" him. He was home every night, but when he has people in town, it's like he's not really here anyway. Then this week he's been in Michigan. He gets back tomorrow, but it'll probably be late after the kids are in bed (or on our floor which they claim they like better than their beds). It's exhausting for me when he's out of town. I can't sleep and then I'm up with the kids. Sometimes I can manage to get a nap in, but not all the time. My two-year-old has decided that I'm not an authority figure he needs to listen to. And my three-year-old asks off the wall questions all day long and talks non-stop. I think that's part of the "girl" thing. Today her question/comment was about why she couldn't feel Jesus if he was in her heart. She was pushing on her belly trying to feel Him. Oy vey.

Well, my kids are in destruction mode. My throat hurts from yelling at them while vacuuming. Don't ask...I was ready for bed when I woke up.

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