Thursday, January 04, 2007

Things I got done today

  • After much begging by my girl, we made spritz cookies this morning. My older two decorated them with colored sugar before baking and I think we made about a million.
  • I cleaned the two full-baths today. I even had to re-scrub the floor in one because it smelled like dirty butt. It was gross. It didn't smell like dirty butt when I started cleaning the first time, but after washing it. Go figure!
  • I picked up the laundry off my bedroom floor that has been there since oh...November! and *gasp* put. it. away!!! "No way!" you say. And to that I say "Yeah way!"
  • And then I vacuumed said floor. Yeah. Go ahead. I know you want to do the whole Elaine from Seinfeld 'Get out!' complete with a push. I'll brace myself.
  • I also washed the dishes.
  • And made dinner.

So what that I didn't shower or even put a bra on today. I cleaned. Seriously folks, I could start a trend around here. And just to get some bonus's dinner was the third (that's a 3 with an rd after it) dinner I've made this a row. I know, I know. I'm such the homemaker....


Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Hmmm...I have not been nearly that productive this week.

Stacy said...

Can you send some of that motivation this way?

Rachelle said...

You sound very productive. Can I borrow some of that?

EmLouisa said...

You go girl! Do you hire out?