Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day one down, many to go

Yesterday I left for some much needed alone time. When I returned 5-6 hours later, I was told by Bon that Ty shouldn't have his paci anymore because his teeth are all funky. So I take a deep breath and say okay.

Before bed, I search his room and find two paci's on the floor. Stick them in my pocket and as I rock him, he asks about his "sa-sa". I lie and tell him they are lost, but I'll look for them. I lay him down and didn't hear him the rest of the night. Today at church was a little harder because he was whiney and loud and Bon had to take him out twice because we couldn't hush him up by shoving a 'sa sa' in his mouth.

Nap time he whined for them and again I lied and told him I'd look for them. I layed him down and he screamed and hollered and cried for a good 15 minutes. Then he slept until loud Ryan woke him up.

And now bedtime again. And again with the lie. But only minimal chatter from him and no crying. So here's an end to the 'sa sa' phase. It makes me sad that my "baby" is growing up. And I'm hoping that all the 'sa sa's' I can't find right now will be found by me and not Ty.


Anonymous said...

aww!! When they don't have it anymore they seem twice as grown up and it makes me sad. Hope he doesn't find any of them.

Shanel said...

Taking the paci away is a bittersweet moment. Ava's teeth were weird too when using her pacifier, but after awhile they moved back....she will still need braces though :)