Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My husband told me the other day that he found my blog by searching for "my retrac family". Uh, why were you looking for my blog? (not that he's not allowed, I just didn't think he was interested.) He was thinking that I might have Halloween pictures up.

Oh. Well. Maybe if I was a good mom I would have. ;) So without further ado, here are our kids in all their pre-sugared glory.

Reagan started out being Fancy Nancy, but decided to be a princess instead. Ryan was a "dar-wook Ninja!" (dark Ninja) And even though I'm anti-vampire, Ty was the cutest Dracula alive!

Ha, get it? Play on words there. I'm clever today, keep up.

He would go to people's doors and they would just smile and say how cute he was. Cause he was totally cute.

The kids got a lot of loot. And glow in the dark necklaces at one house which they thought was awesome!

There ya go, Hubster. *smooch*
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Anonymous said...

What great costumes!! And we got way too much candy.

The Millhouse Family said...

LOL WAY ADORABLE!! And yes, Becky - you are WAY witty!

beckylou said...

Thanks Dorshan. Your check is in the mail. ;)