Wednesday, November 03, 2010

And the business goes on...

It seems like from the time that October started, it has been go, go, go and it isn't going to end until....January??!! But I guess maybe all this going will keep my spirits up. :)

I never got Bon a present, but we did spend the day together as a family and that was really nice. There was a moment when we were sitting just talking to each other with no kids demanding attention and he commented on how nice it was. Just to be together. And I agree.

Halloween came and went. I would post pictures, but somehow I can't get the computer to find them and when I stick the card back into the camera, it doesn't show them there either...I will be so sad if they are gone. Bon is trying to help me find them.

Up next is my friend Mary's birthday party. It's this coming Saturday and we are having it here. She turns 40 on the 8th and acts like she's 17. She is so fun!

Ryan stayed home from school today. He has had a runny nose for the last couple of weeks and just sniffs it in because he refuses to blow his nose. I keep telling him that he'll get an ear or eye infection if he continues, but he just won't blow it! So after school yesterday I noticed that his eye was getting red. Great. I asked if his ears hurt. At first he said no, but changed his answer. We trekked to the dr. this morning where it was confirmed that he didn't have an eye or ear infection. The Dr. flipped his eyelid up and found a foreign object that was irritating his eye. Got that out and then put a drop of "water" *wink wink* in his eye and looked at it with a black light to make sure it wasn't scratched. All was fine, so I'm glad for that.

Parent-teacher conferences are tomorrow. I love going to those and hearing the good stuff about my kids. :) They are good kids.

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Sue said...

Oh, poor Ryan. It's terrible not to feel well.
Tell Mary 'Happy Birthday' from us. :)