Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last minute. Not ready!

I do this every year and every year I tell myself that I will do better next year and's just a vicious cycle that I can't get myself out of! PROCRASTINATION!!!

Bon's birthday is on Saturday. I have no presents, no date planned, nothing.

Trick or Treat is on Sunday. I *think* my kids know what they want to be, but I can't be certain. I'm not ready for that either. Ryan has to dress up Friday as his favorite book character. Hmm...we haven't even discussed this. I will have to ask him in the morning...if I remember.

BUT, I actually have a couple of presents stashed away at Brenda's house for Christmas so my kids don't find them and rip into the box. So having a Christmas gift purchased before December 1st is something new for me. lol

1 comment:

Sue said...

You still have time! :)
You can do it!