Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some pictures from this summer

Something huge happened in our house this summer.

Bon decided that these shoes were done. They had served him well for the at least 11 years that he had them. For the last....oh...really long time, they have just been his "work outside" shoes. You know, the ones for mowing, gardening, doing anything "manly". And for the last year or so, every time he would wear them, his socks would be FILTHY! Like he might have not had shoes on to begin with kind of dirty. So really, why bother?! So after cleaning up from Ryan's birthday party (notice the festive paper plate in the trash), we said farewell to this fine pair of shoes.

His new outdoor shoes are a pair of running shoes that we had gotten from Nate & Shanel a couple of years ago and have just sat in the closet. They might be a little big??, but his socks aren't orange when he takes his shoes off...which is a huge plus. :) (orange because of the red clay/dirt we have here in NC.)

And just a few pictures of the kids playing in a pool at my grandma's house this summer. The lazy days of summer were upon us.

Ty, who takes the saying "Mothers of little boys work from son up to son down" quite literally. Today while we were checking out at Target, he was chattering on and on and on and I couldn't tell if the worker was annoyed, so I jokingly said that he didn't come with an off switch. She laughed and said her 5 year old was the same, talk, talk. Sadly, it's good to know I'm not alone. :)

Reagan, such a tender spirit. Gosh how I love this girl! I was looking through her school papers today and I came across a paper she had written. They were writing mock letters and I vaguely remember her telling me after school one day about this. How she had chosen me because the teacher didn't know that "Becky" was my was her "friend". Here is what her letter said.

"Dear Beacky,
It was fun with you teaching me how to sew. You are a good friend. I like it when you smile. It is fun sewing diffrent colers.

Ryan is gaining so much independence this year. He has joined Tiger Scouts and enjoys going to the weekly meetings with Bon. They will be selling popcorn at a booth at our town's Harvest Festival this coming Saturday. Which reminds me that I need to sew the patches onto his shirt before then... :) The other night Ryan and I were in the kitchen. I said "oh snap" to something and Ryan mumbled something and then started laughing. I said "what did you say??" He was embarrassed to tell me, but he said it again into his elbow. "Sweet Mama!" (said like a southerner who really likes something) I asked if that's what he said and we both cracked up. Who knows where he learned that from!

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Sue said...

Oh my goodness, that is such a cute picture of Ty! What great kids you have. :)