Wednesday, October 20, 2010

glimpse into the future

This past weekend we were able to watch two extra kids. Our friends Brenda and Brian were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary by going back to their honeymoon spot of Gatlinburg, TN. We had their 8 year old and 13 year old here from Friday until Sunday. They were great! While they were here, I asked G (the 13 year old) if they had a birthday gift for their dad (since his birthday was Monday). She said that they hadn't gotten one yet. Since our family doesn't shop on Sundays, I took her and Evan to the mall on Saturday night to get a gift. We had so much fun. She is so respectable and just a fun teenager to be around. She really has her head set on straight and even told me that when she does things, she thinks about what impact it will have on someone now or even in the future. Wow! How many 13 year olds think like that?!

Anyway....I felt like that time was a glimpse into my future. I love having a daughter and I hope that Reagan will be level headed like G. I know that we will have fun and do fun things like that. We do fun things now, but on a different level. But it reminds me that I should cherish the time we have now, instead of wishing it away. I remember as a first time mom how I couldn't wait for her to sit, crawl, walk, etc. And now she is almost 8!!! Sometimes I want that cuddly little baby back just to sit and snuggle with.

I guess I just need to remember that life is too short to wish away. Glimpses into the future are fun, but the present is pretty awesome too.

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