Monday, January 23, 2012

Our house

We put our house on the market last week.  No interest so far, but the market is starting to pick up after the winter lull.

We went to Duluth this weekend to do some house hunting.  I fell in love with one, but who knows if it will still be available when we actually need it.  It is in Buford, GA, which is where the Mall of Georgia is.  Our realtor's wife said that any store you could ever think of is there.  Sounds like I might need a weekend to myself to find out!  ;)

Bon is out of town again this week.  He will be back Saturday morning.  He will be gone again for a couple of days next week too, I think.  Let's just say that melatonin is my bedtime friend for the older kids.  I got a bottle of 1 mg pills that dissolve and Bon cut them in half.  I give them one half at bedtime and it seems to calm them down and I'm not fighting them to stay in bed, just one more drink, come lay with me, I can't sleep, etc. that is the normal bedtime routine.  I reason that it could be worse.  I could be giving them Nyquil or Benedryll.  Melatonin is already in our bodies, I'm just giving it a boost.  :) 

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