Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Sanity is lacking these days.  I feel the repetition and redundancy of motherhood settling in lately and it's discouraging.  I need to read some encouraging conference talks or something to give me the "motherhood is great and you are doing a phenomenal job, keep doing awesome!" kind of kick in the pants.  My kids are my greatest joy and too often I act as though they are my greatest burden.  And that is horrible. 

Our house has seen a lot of action.  We have on average about 2 walk-throughs a week.  Doesn't seem like a lot, but usually it's 3-4 in one week and then none the following week, which makes the busy week more stressful with keeping the house clean.  :)  We had an offer, but they were trying to get the deal of the century or something, and so we went back and forth a couple of times and they walked away because our lowest price was still too high for them.  Oh well.  We were starting to not like them anyways!!  :) 

The kids are still getting over their colds.  Ty and Evan are taking extra long.  Ty keeps getting a fever back and it's really annoying because he seems fine every other way. 

I am getting lasik on Friday and I am really excited and really nervous all at once.  I can't wait to see without using glasses!  I've been wearing glasses since 1st grade and oh it will be great! 


Sue said...

What?! You're getting lasik?! I feel so out of the loop. I hope Bon will be home to help on Saturday so you can 'recover'. Good luck!

Shanel said...

That was a nice little update. Hang in there, the right person with the right offer will come along soon. Congrats on the lasik. That is very exciting and something I would like to get done too. Nate had it done about two years ago and has loved it.

Sushelle said...