Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bit of randomness

Evan is playing with a Geo-Trax train on the coffee table and when it rolls off the edge, he says "dang it!" and then puts it back on the table just to do it again.  I guess I had better watch what I'm saying!!  :) 

I had the craziest dream with Shawni from 71toes last night.  I was babysitting her girls and was having a blast playing with them.  It was weird.

Had a dr appt on Monday and my thyroid looks great.  I am still anemic, so I am continuing the prescription iron pills I'm on.  If my next round of labs (in 4 months) still shows I'm anemic, she will refer me to a hematologist.  My blood shows that it can store iron, but I'm losing it somewhere. 

I also had a consult for Lasik.  I am hoping to get that done soon. 

Still no update on our house selling.  We haven't had a showing since the open house on sunday the 12th.  We had one scheduled for Monday, but they cancelled because they thought our yard was too small.  ???  for what?  lol 

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Kendra said...

Dang on your small yard. Yay on your lasik. Boo on anemia but yes! on thyroid being good.