Thursday, June 22, 2006

To-do lists

Everyone I know of has some sort of "to-do" list. Mine is huge. And I think I make mine with good intentions, but then when I look at it I think "holy crap! There's no way I can get all of this done by ___!!" Yeah...maybe that's because I don't work so hard at getting the items crossed off. And then I get stressed about things not getting done. What is wrong with that system??!! ;)

I haven't blogged in a while. There isn't really any news to update you all on. So I'm off to go and do something on my to-do list.


smartmama said...

my to do list never ends- i have stuff i have been transferring from list to list for 4 months now-- i just need to be more disciplines or mroe minutes int eh day

Vlyb said...

I tried that whole "what's on your list today" thing...yeah, NO.

I cannot do lists because I am a weird kind of perfectionist. I won't do it unless I can REALLY do it. Meaning I won't clean a room unless I can move furniture and wipe baseboards. So you can imagine my house. ACK!