Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Can

Lei is always inspiring. She writes beautifully and it really makes me wish I had those sort of skills. But I don't. lol. It's midnight and I'm struggling to spell things right. I think I'm hitting backspace more than actual letters for words. Anyway. On to things I can do!

I can bake one heck of a chocolate chip cookie.
I can make milk.
I can sing songs with my children.
I can talk for hours with my best friend.
I can laugh.
I can daydream about organization.
I can play airplane with my kids and get a good leg workout.
I can pray.
I can sing.
I can choose to not be offended.
I can be silly.
I can love deeply.
I can miss greatly.
I can smile at strangers and make them smile back.
I can color with my kids.
I can be.

1 comment:

nora lee said...

you can make me smile too!!!