Monday, November 19, 2007

Quick thinking leads to fun times

Tonight after dinner, my husband really wanted to have an ice cream sandwich, but didn't want to eat one in front of the kids. So he cut one into four pieces and said that we were going to have a lesson on sharing and we are going to learn how to share. So he picked up a piece and handed it to the kids and said he was sharing with them. After Reagan finished her slice of heaven, she hops up and says "I'm ready to learn some more!" lol Quick!

Then tonight as we are getting our older two in bed, Ryan is crying because he wants the stuffed animal that Reagan has and well...we know how pretty that can be. So Bon comes in with a bouncy ball and tells Ryan that if he stops crying, he can have the glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball. Ryan was immediately silent and awestruck that he could have the ball. He wanted the lights off right away. Bon gives me this panicked look, like "oh doesn't really glow..." But he shuts off the light and I say to Ryan "oh cool!!! Can you see it?" Ryan's response "no". lol So we say that it's a darker-in-the-dark ball and the darker it is, the darker the ball gets and we are totally playing up how cool that is to have. Ryan bought into it and was asleep in 5 minutes. *phew* We escaped that nightmare!!


nora lee said...

ha. that's so funny!

Anne Bradshaw said...

LOL! Being a parent and saying the right things is SO hard some times :-)