Wednesday, February 04, 2009

When they are young

Do you ever look at your children and wonder when they were taught to demand things instead of asking politely?

Then sit back and let me explain something to you.

I've recently found the source of where they are being taught this behavior.

That's right. Dora and Diego. They are working together to corrupt the minds of our children. They teach that when you ask for something in a not so nice way, you get results.

And they also teach the pimp method. Dora wants her backpack? Well Dora gets her backpack. Oh, but not by asking for it nicely herself. She makes YOU ask for it. And it's not really even asking. It's like demanding. "What do we need?" "Backpack!" "What?" "Backpack!" "louder!" "BACK-PACK!" And voila. There's her backpack.

Next she'll be asking your kids to choose a gang color and consider her as the leader.

And Diego is no better. Heck. He yells at monkeys for misbehaving. I haven't been around too many monkeys, but I bet they are all ornery. And I bet they are pissed they are called the Bo Bo Brothers. I know I wouldn't be to happy about that.

So the next time you hear your kid screaming "BACK PACK!!" at the tv, maybe it's time to turn it to....Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

I know, you thought I was going to say off. I'm not *that* crazy! :)


Anne Bradshaw said...

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Anonymous said...

oh my!! This was great! I've never thought of that, but it's true. They teach the kids to yell too.

Heather said...

Love it Becky! I totally agree, but never realized it before. Bill would be crushed if I took away his precious Dora though. Is Mr Rogers even on anywhere anymore?

Jeanette said...

Haha you're too funny! And now I know what NOT to let Lucy watch when she gets older!

Goat Girl said...

That made me laugh. I had no idea. Seriously. I guess it's time to wean Andrea of Diego.

FIreball said...

Ok I have to suggest Backyardagains before Rogers... the puppets are too creepy these days.