Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ryan is 4 and a boy. And I've been told that boys do this, but I'm embarrassed and afraid that he'll become addicted or something. And I'm sure some of you moms know what I'm referencing without even saying what he does.

So I've threatened that it will fall off. He doesn't believe me because, well...okay it won't fall off, but you think it would scare him enough that he wouldn't continually play with it. And it doesn't help that he has a patch of dry skin right above it where his band goes on his underwear. I've put lotion on it, but he's scratching that all the time too, which he gets nagged for because it's so close to the other offense.

I decided to try a different kind of underwear. One that didn't have the scratchy elastic band, but more of a "comfort band". So we got some of these.

Once we got home, I told him to go into the bathroom to put a pair on. A few minutes later I hear "MOM! You got me panties!!" in an angry sort of voice.

Turns out, there's no flap or opening in the front like a normal pair of boy's underwear, which is odd. But he doesn't ever use the flap, so it's fine that they don't.

Anyway. I think he's been scratching less. And he looks grown up wearing them instead of Spiderman and Lighting McQueen. ;)

But with the touching thing....I've been tempted to take Gentian Violet and dab some on when he's sleeping. I might scar him for life though, if he wakes up with it purple. What do you think??


Ruth Vest said...

ha ha ha... i think it's totally normal. i'm a big believer in sexual health and if you make it a nasty or a gross thing that might have negative psycological results in the future and his wife will be pissed at you. did you explain to him that it's something Heavenly Father doesn't want us to do? that might help. i wouldn't make too big a deal out of it. he's learning.

Kendra said...

Okay, that's hilarious and I'm not looking forward to this with William.

Anonymous said...

We got Matthew boxer briefs and he loves it. And they have them in character ones. He has scooby doo and lightening mcqueen.

Anne Bradshaw said...

LOL! Purple would be amazing :-) Sounds like he needs plenty of other activities/distractions that make use of his hands.

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liz said...

I think the purple thing is funny! Bryce does the same thing and I'd be afraid that if I turned it purple he would think it was cool and want to show everyone. Let me know how it works for you.

taffi said...

dude. I'd totally be turning his little guy purple.

but I'm already warping my kids by the mere fact that I'm their mom, so take my comment with a grain of salt. lol

word verification: ditipsi. "MOM! what happened down there? ditipsi purple now! I broke it!"

Lei said...

ROFL Taffi!!!

I don't have any advice, sorry. We haven't had this issue *knock on wood* - NOT a freudian slip btw... lol).

dskddoby said...

As funny as a little purple thingy would be... think about what he would tell people about it! That and it would scar him! From a psychology stand point... boys don't gain a 'problem' until they start puberty and the hormones are making them wacky and then that heightens the whole act and result making a link in their brains... thus making the problem.

Dorshan said...

I think if you go purple he'll try to find his red or green... I have to agree with Ruth on this one. haha The panty comment is soooo funny. . hahaha You crack me up.