Thursday, March 05, 2009

An update

The world stopped down here in NC Sunday night into Monday. We got maybe 4-5 inches of snow and seriously...the world stopped. No one here is used to driving in snow, nor are the city's equipped with snow plows and salt trucks, etc. So school was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday and there was a 2-hour delay on Wednesday. There are still spots of snow on the ground, especially in places where the sun hasn't melted it. We also had a couple of power outages that lasted mere seconds. We heard a big crash on Sunday night and thought a car had crashed. Later on Monday we discovered that two trees had fallen on the other side of our property line (so away from us and our neighbor) and there is currently another tree that is leaning waaaaay over like something is pulling the top down. It's just a matter of time until that one breaks as well.

Saturday night we went to family in our church's house. We played games and we actually got Bon to play Guitar Hero, which amazingly he was good at! lol The kids had fun too. Unfortunately that night, Ty threw up all over his bed and himself. It's been a long week, but I think he's all better now. Hasn't thrown up since Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday, the older ones started swim lessons. They will continue them every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of March. Ty is also in a parent/child class on Saturdays for two months. Bon's going to them with him.

And an update on me. I started going to therapy. My first session was a couple of weeks ago. It went very well and we addressed a lot if things. I go back this coming Monday. When I left her office the last time, she told me I needed to work on lowering my expectation levels for myself. Right now they are too high and that's adding to my stress level, which is already high. And as I've typed it out or tell someone that I'm to lower my expectations, it sounds like horrible advice, but it really makes sense to me.

So that's where this Carter family is at right now.


Ruth Vest said...

good for you! i am so happy you decided to go to therapy. i've done it-i think most people have-just a lot of people don't talk about it. that's funny that they freak out about the snow. that always cracks me up. utah is the same way but they are used to the snow. it just confuses me-these people have had snow around all their lives but can't drive it worth a nickle!

FIreball said...
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Dorshan said...

SNowww... YUCK. That's why I LOVE Texas! lol Guitar Hero... fun! Question is though - did he get ALL INTO it... or did he just play?? haha Therapy - awesome. Who cares about whether it is good advice to someone else - if it hits home to YOU that's what matters! :)