Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our cruise Nassau

We cruise went to Nassau, Bahamas first. We decided to stop by the markets first. I didn't want any jewelry, which a lot of the stores in the marketplace were. Cartier, del Sol, Coach...tons of fancy shops. I needed sunglasses. We stopped in a couple of small shops, but they were $15, which I don't even pay in the U.S. We found a shop that had them for 10. Not bad. They were designer knock offs and I got them for 8 because there was some small damage to them, that doesn't even effect them. Anyway. So I have new sunglasses.

We walked by these guys setting up. They had made these things from old soda cans. They were so neat. I wish we would have bought one. They boys would have loved it. (sidenote: our neighbors are going in december, i might have them get one for us...) They had trains, plains, helicopters, guitars...lots of cool stuff.

It was a beautiful city. I felt like it had/has a lot of history. I liked the simplicity of this clock tower.

I liked the artwork on the side of this building too.

This man was carving all sorts of things. I think he might have been one of the men that called Bon "Rambo". It was a boost of ego to walk through the markets. The women would call out, Hey beautiful what can I help you pick out?, etc. They called the boys "Rambo".

There were a lot of wooden tchotchkes. We bought an elephant and I got a figure of a man and woman dancing. If we had an endless budget, I would have gotten more, it was just all so beautiful.

There was a guy diving down and pulling these up. It was kind of an odd spot, since if you panned the camera up, you would see a couple of big cruise ships docked. lol

After shopping, we took a taxi to a beach. It was so gorgeous! The sand was white and had big granules, unlike the beaches in SC, where the sand is very fine. The water was blue and clear. We could see little schools of fish swimming and there was a bigger fish swimming around. We weren't sure what kind of bigger fish it was, but no one wanted to get close enough to see. lol Everyone just tried to avoid it.

Handsome Bon. We would find out later, that I didn't rub sunscreen on his back as well as I thought I had. Ooops. lol ;)

Sitting on the beach. We enjoyed people watching, reading and I think we even napped. lol I don't know how, since there was a bar (where those steps are by Bon's head) that had huge speakers playing music.) At one point we moved our towels into the shade. We really loved this day. It was fantastic.

A little story about going back to the ship. We had to take a taxi back to the port. When we walked out from the beach area, there were some taxi drivers there waiting, along with two other couples. The drivers try to fill their van up to capacity, but when getting paid $4 a person, I don't think they should complain. ;) Anyway, the other couples had come together and were vocal about having enough and going back. They were hilarious. The driver was insistent that we wait. So he had us pile into his van. The one guy was like "this isn't cool! This is how roadside bombings happen!!" I guess he was an ex-marine. So after a couple of minutes, this other taxi pulls up beside us, (cause remember, we are just sitting in a parked van), has Jamaican music BLARING from his speakers, says get in! So we pile out and then pile back in to his taxi. He had been sitting with the other drivers and thought it was dumb the other guy was making us wait. So we get driven back to the port. And this guy is SCARY driving!!! lol But the other people that we shared the cab with were hilarious, so that made the ride fun! At one point, the driver bumps into another car. The driver of the car gets out, checks to see if there was damage and then got back in her car. Crazy!!

I did happen to get this very bad picture as we were driving. For you, Shanel!

Our crazy driver!! Too bad you don't have the full experience with the music and the cars all around! Once we got out, it was nice because one of the other couples paid for our ride. They were heading to a local bar, so we tried to give them money to buy a drink (equal amount of what we would have paid the taxi) but they refused. So nice!

I will finish up more posts later. :)

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