Sunday, October 16, 2011

The rest of Nassau

These are from when we got back on the ship at Nassau. We learned that this set of buildings is the Atlantis resort. They filmed Casino Royale there. (I guess...I didn't see the movie.) We actually drove by it/into it to drop off the people we shared a cab with on the way to the beach. We were told it was crazy expensive.

These were the buildings that we had to walk through to get to the markets and into the city. They checked our passports to get back to the ship in this building. There were some small kiosks set up in there too. I just think the colors of everything is so pretty.

A view of the rest of the buldings.

A view of a really cute guy.

A view of us.

The top deck of our ship had a mini-golf course, but if you can see beyond the beauty of that ;), you notice the HA-UGE Disney cruise ship that we were beside. Huge. We had cruise envy for a little bit. lol

Huge. ;)
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