Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Cruise part 1

We are so thankful to Bon's mom who came and watched the kids for us while we went on our little getaway. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with each other. It was good for our marriage (which is never bad) and good for our souls.

Here we are in our room. woooo...exciting. We had just gotten there and we really were excited. lol

Once everyone was on the ship, they make you take part in the evacuation plan thingy before debarkation. It was hilarious being lined up on the deck. I was grateful that we were on the outer row, since there were 4 rows of people. We all joked about being herded like cattle. :) And we were nervous about the Coast Guard boat that had a guy with a BIG gun.. We were thinking he might want an opportunity to use it. ;)

While leaving the port, we spotted dolphins! It was so cool!

We were escorted by the Coast Guard out into the open waters. They shoo'd boats away that would get too close. There was extra protection leaving because it was Sept. 10. They were being extra precautious.

When we returned to our room later, we found a dog that our room steward had made for us. He left a different animal each night. It was fun to see what he would make.

We couldn't get over how blue the water was.

This was right after my sunglasses fell into the great big blue ocean. lol I could feel them slipping but was too late to grab them off my head. Oh well. Good excuse to buy a new pair!!

Bon and I look all hot and sweaty in this picture because we had been in the adult only "Serenity" part. It is comprised of lounge chairs and two hot tubs. It was nice because it was so quiet on that part of the ship. No loud music or people smoking. We visited that section a lot because it was "serene".

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