Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting over guilt

Sometimes I feel guilt for things that I should not feel guilty for.  Things that I can't control or using my own agency to make a choice that might make another's life harder or different.  I keep reminding myself that I was not put here on this earth to be a people pleaser.  I do the best I can to live an honest life and try to be happy and I wish that sort of happiness to others. (nothing happened that prompted this post, just a random tidbit from my mind)

One simple thing that I have learned to not feel guilty for is letting my kids ride home on the bus.  I don't feel guilty that they are on the bus for 50 minutes after school because it just makes my life so much easier to not have to pick them up!  It's so stress-free!

On a sad note, Bon's co-worker's husband died.  Bon texted me yesterday and said to pray for Kim's husband, that she found him not breathing.  Then after work he called and said that he had died from a heart attack.  Bon said he was 42.  So sad and so young.  Bon always worries about his own mortality and health and so I hope this will help kick start him into some healthy habits.  I want to keep Bon around as long as I can.  :)

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Sue said...

Have no guilt about the bus! At least they don't have to walk 5 miles, uphill, in the snow. ;)
I hope both of you take extra good care of yourselves so you will be her a very, very long time. :)