Thursday, August 09, 2012

One part I hate about moving

has finally snuck up on me.  It's the overwhelming feeling of loneliness that happens.  We haven't been here long enough to make friends.  Book club is tonight, but I didn't get a chance to read the book.  I will make it to the next one though.  I don't think they've had any RS meetings (enrichment meetings) but I will try to make it to those also.  Oh well.  I just need to remember to give it some time and in a short while I will have friends that will want to have dinner and shop and do all the stuff I like doing.

When we sat down for church on Sunday, the bishop came up to me and told me they weren't going to sustain me that day.  He wanted to talk to me first.  I guess word got back that I cried?!  lol  Before church I asked Bon "Is there something about me that says 'I like your kids! Put me in primary!'??"  He bust up laughing at that one and even chuckled on the way to church.  I will go and do if I am truly needed there or supposed to be there.  I must have something to learn still. 

The kids started school on Monday and loved it!  They are riding the bus to and from school and I love that!  Ty claimed he didn't feel good this morning, but I made him go anyway.  I think he is just fine and didn't want to go to school.  Reagan is having some issues with some girls making fun of her on the bus, so if that continues, I will need to take action and bring out my mama bear. 

Lots of projects I need/want to get done. 

Something like this for our hallway.

I need to unpack more and maybe put something up on our walls.  A clock in our living room would be a great start....  :)


Shanel said...

Stay on top of the bullying. It can brutal, especially for girls where they are so sensitive. Just remind her that even though kids say mean things it doesn't mean they are true and it doesn't matter what they think. It only matters what Heavenly Father thinks. Sadly this is the age where it all starts...Reagan WE LOVE YOU!!

Sue said...

Oh, it is so hard to feel alone! I feel your pain. I wish I could take that away and help you smile every day!
I agree with Shanel but encourage everyone to remember, Reagan has 3 brothers, she can handle this with your encouragement. :)

Fireball and Thrillhouse said...

Oh girl... this post made me laugh!! I have been helping out when needed with the organ (which I still have the same skills I did when we were back in high school). The bishop and counselors were telling me they needed to make my helping "official" I WANTED TO CRAWL IN A HOLE AND DIE. I prayed and prayed that I would be ok with whatever it was and that I would be able to grow and whatever... bishop set up an interview to make it official and then when I got in - he said that he had every intention to call me to that and just did not feel right and knows that is not where the Lord wants me right now. I ALMOST DROPPED DEAD. I never had such a great feeling. I hope that whatever the outcome is you will be able to feel the weight lifted. As for the bus - good luck! From what I experienced and what I have heard it is a great breeding ground for fun topics and life preparation. :) Reagan comes from strong roots - she'll make it. Good luck with the adjustments.