Friday, June 27, 2008


Ever get that "must move around furniture NOW" feeling? No? Yeah. *cough*

No really. The piano has always been against that wall. You swear it was on the other wall yesterday? No. Yesterday was opposite day. Did you miss that memo? And the living room was clean yesterday? Well that's a lie. My living room is never clean. Oh, you mean those boxes weren't laying on the floor there. Well....that's true.

Okay. You caught me. I decided to move around what little furniture we have in our living room. Basically we have our piano, a glider and footstool, a coffee table and a computer desk waiting for storage. And the little table that our computer is currently living on. But I'm liking the change. I'm hoping to get it done and after coming home from a party tonight, I'll walk in and think "self? You did a great job!"

Another change. I checked my email this morning and my bff sent me an email at 4 something this morning. After you get done saying "That's crazy!" in your best Brian Fellows impersonation, she was emailing to let me know she was on her way to the hospital!! Her water broke!! They just might be having their little girl join them today!!! I'm beyond excited! I just called. She's only at a 4, they have the pitocin cranked and she's really cold. And her epi is working good. Let's hope her babe comes today and is easy for her!!

Let's see....anymore changes? I think that's my update for today.

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